radek szlęzak

artist's portfolio

12th Geppert competition

12th Geppert competition: And What Do You Do for Painting?

Competition exhibition

18.10 – 11.12.2016

Awangarda gallery, BWA Wroclaw

curators: Marta Borgosz, Alicja Klimczak-Dobrzaniecka

In his work, Radosław Szlęzak uses different media, by means of which he analyses relations between such disciplines as anthropology, medicine or art theory. Conceptual practice and ideology provide new, ready models for carrying out operations – at the meeting point between ‘physical presence of an image and psychology of perception’. Szlęzak, interested in studying the possibilities of the medium, employs it to raise of specific questions: how is perception conditioned, is there a relationship between art and science? He answeres these questions cautiously, evading easy solutions. Aware of his own limitations, he performs his simple, almost amateurish experiments on his own, radically stripping art of its seductive tinsel and actually conservative ‘eternal returns’ of old avant-garde practices. His attitude is rather a model of Robinson Crusoe who is forced to remodel fragments of lost world, to bulid new, reduced and radically pragmatic reality in which discipline and calvinian rigour rule.


Grzegorz Sztwiertnia