Set of drawings / 2019

The set Powidoki (Afterimages) consists of 14 drawings in A4 format. The forms that appear in them refer to sculptures that function or have functioned in Poland until recently (these include the monument to the Soviet Army of Gratitude in Dubicze Cerkiewne, the monument to the brotherhood of the common fighters for the liberation of Puławy in Puławy or the monument to Karol Świerczewski “Walter” in Jabłonki). But these are not only socialist realist monuments, the collection also includes works with figures alluding to Julita Wójcik’s Rainbow or the monument to Prelate Jankowski from Gdansk, among others. The drawings represent images whose historical expiration date in public space has passed; all these sculptures
have been removed from the field of exhibition and currently exist only in the form of a photographic record.
The title of the collection refers to the works of Władysław Strzemiński; also their stylistics, which has the character of a fluid, silhouette record, refers to forms known from the work of the author of Theory of Seeing.