A specter is haunting the world

fabric collage / 170 cm x 130 cm / 2018

Banners are a communication tool; a tool, however, that is mostly persuasive in it’s nature. This particular one does not have a specific addressee. The inscription on it reads: “a specter is haunting the world” is a paraphrase of the introduction to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ Manifesto; the phrase also appears in a transformed form in one of the scenes of Don DeLellilo’s book Cosmopolis. In the Manifesto the specter haunting over Europe is communism, while in Cosmopolis it is capitalism. Which spectre is the banner about? We do not know. It is undefined, remaining a semantically open term – depending on the circumstances, its meaning may change. However, despite its indefiniteness, it is unlikely to arouse fear. This is a postulate to keep a distance to all eschatological fantasies, common today